Cluster Flies – Moving in for winter

SPM have carried out their first treatment for this winter for a customer in Hinckley for Cluster Flies (Pollenia rudis). These large flies can swarm loft spaces for the winter having spentthe warmer months living outside “terrorising” earthworms, as theireggs are laid close to earthworm runs and the larvae of the clusterfly acting as a “torpedo” seeking out the worms to burrow into them, until the time they pupate and emerge as adult flies. Once the winter starts to creep up on us and temperatures drop, theadult flies will “cluster” together to hibernate/overwinter, usually returning to the same spot each year. The fly can be identified by the distinctive large red rust/brown eyes, slightly bigger than a house fly, and distinctive strip pattern on the thorax and checkered pattern on the abdomen. Treatment can be achieved using both chemical and non-chemical measures. Contact SPM on 07944 754091, if you believe you have cluster flies to discuss the correct measures for you.